Hello everyone.

I'm Dhila.

How do you teach about formal letter lesson for kids,guys? Thanks anyway .

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How old are the kids?

What kind of formal letter would kids want to write?


Thank you letter to grandma and grandpa for a birthday present..maybe

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I wouldn't call that a formal letter.Emotion: smile

I'd begin by asking them what they would say if they were talking in person to Grandma and Grandpa.

Then I'd move into writing a little letter based on that.


Maybe an invitation to a birthday party is the most formal you can get for that age?

It depends what age you are talking about.
3-5 years - it should be the game to memorize the difference between big and small letter, also teaching them how to produce letter sound in a funny way
6-8 years - there are still should be games, but of course, more difficult. For example: make a bunch of words for each letter and mix it up, the let students to sort it out.
For older kids the good game might be to produce a sentence using as many words with chosen letters as possible.

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my child really enjoyed learning with information from this site: [suspicious link removed by moderator] everything is explained in detail there) and more importantly there are pictures) try it, maybe it will help you too

I think the same. Children would begin to write a letter of thanks to their relatives, parents. In general, children are lovely
Hello. I am George. When I teach a formal writing class for children, my children write about so many topics. But the most popular ones are letters to relatives, parents and grandmothers, as well as a letter to a friend.
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