Teaching grammar is one of the hard jobs that face the language teacher .

In your opinion what is the best ways to teach grammar?

Thank you so much .
It helps if you understand the cultural background of your ESL students (you're talking about ESL, right?)

e.g. Chinese has no tense markers. So many Chinese students have trouble with tenses and subject-verb agreements. Once you know that, you can focus on that in your teaching.

Just my 2 cents.
Hello vip,
I agree that grammar is one of the hardest and, sometimes, boring aspects that teachers and students face. I don't know if there is a good way to teach it, but I do think that "practice makes perfect" as the proverb says. Explaining theory and giving clear examples followed by practice is what I usually do. Sometimes, a bit of humour is necessary (in the examples given or in the exercises) but I don't really know what else could we do to make grammar more interesting to some students.
I'm eager to read what other teachers do when explaining grammar.

Bye for now
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Most students who came to me for extra help wanted clear and simple grammar explanations and exercises where they could practice their new knowledge.

It seems to me that some teachers are very reluctant to teach grammar explicitly. They concentrate on listening, speaking, writing, reading, vocabulary and other skills. Grammar is usually explained very quickly and students only do one short exercise afterwards. But in the tests students have to know grammar, although they didn't spend much time on it.

This may work for students who are already good at English and don't need so many explanations and exercises, but it can be very frustrating and confusing for learners who have less knowledge and aren't natural talents. After all they are expected to write the same tests as other students. No wonder that some students don't like English (or other languages) at school.

I think it wouldn't be so bad if teachers devoted a lesson to grammar every now and then, especially if they expect their students to write tests on grammar. It doesn't matter if you think that grammar - teaching is boring, if students have grammar in their tests they should have a chance to learn it first.
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Yes, I'm talking about esl.

I agree - it helps to know the background. The difference between past simple and present perfect is one of the most common problems with my students.
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