I have 2 questions I'm confuse with.

1. How are new grammar points best presented?

a. In context, either in a piece of writing or a dialogue.

b. In simplified form.

c. In sequence from simplest to most complicated.

d. It is best not to present new grammar points. Students should uncover them on their own through discovery techniques.

I think is A

2. What is the best practice for error correction in an ESL classroom?

a. Teachers should immediately correct all errors made by their students. They won't learn if their mistakes are not addressed.

b. Teachers should correct those errors that interfere with communication and are repeated by one or several students.

c. Teachers should only correct those errors that pertain to the current lesson to avoid unnecessary confusion.

d. Teachers should correct those errors that can be corrected quickly and have already been covered in a previous lesson.

I think is B


These are excellent questions. I don't think there is only one right answer for each. Much depends on the level and motivation of your students, and on the rapport you as the teacher have with them.

If you work for a teaching institution of some kind, you may also find that they have policies and guidelines in place for you to consider.


Thanks Clive!