Can you tell me please what a teacher should do to create expectation amd arouse his students` interest in a particular text. For example in this text:
"After breakfast I wanted to talk about the dead man and guess out how he come to be killed, but Jim didn`t want to.He said it would fetch bad luck; and besides, he said,he might come and ha`nt us;he said a man that warn`t buried was more likely to go a-ha`nting around than one that was planted and comfortable. That sounded pretty resonable,so I didn`t say no more; but I couldn`t keep from studying over it and wishing I knowed who shot the man, and what they done it for.We rummaged the clothes we`d got ,and found eight dollars in silver sewed up in the lining of an old blanket overcoat. Jim said he reckoned the people in that house stole the coat, because if they`d a knowed the money was there they wouldn`t a left it. I said I reckoned they killed him ,too; but Jim didn`t want to talk about that."
Mark Twain (The adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
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I need some good ideas about teaching ,,Leaves of grass,,by Walt Whitman....I don`t know exactly what pre-reading activities shoult I use...
Thank you!
Leaves of Grass is an entire book of poems. Surely you are not teaching the whole thing.
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I`m sorry,I forgot to mention the poem..It is ,,Song of Myself,,
Sorry, I lost track of this thread. 'Song of Myself' is primarily autobiographical and explores the struggles and revelations of becoming a poet, so I suppose a good preparation would be reading a short biography of the man. Beyond that, I don't think you'll have much trouble discovering what he is talking about in the piece.

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Can you tell me please what complementary skills mean?..I know the meaning of the word complementary...but I do not know exactly how to solve this:
Starting from the text(a short literary text)organise an activity integrating 2 complementary skills...

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'Make an activity that uses two skills that work well together in the activity.' The comment given you in those directions seems rather unnecessary.
Hello again!
Well,I need some help...again..
If someone could help me with this..just give me some ideas because I don`t have any, and I tried everywhere (my books,on the net) with no result.
Here it is the problem:
Present two activities by which you would increase your students`critical approach to a literary text.
How could I do this??

Thank you very much!