I am an English teacher and I invented a method, which I registered as Instanglish, to teach or learn reading and writing skills faster and easier than with any other way I know. It is practically instant learning.
Instanglish has been field tested for more than six years with more than one thousand students and over 90% results. It is good for children and adults alike.
A company from Australia already made an evaluation of it and concluded that it is marketable; however their fees to start are rather too high for me.
I would like your help to guide me as to whom should I contact to market it worldwide.
Hi all

By all means, be interested in hearing details about instant language learning, but don't pay money for that. To my knowledge, there is no such method. If there were, the person who invented it would be a zillionaire and conventional teaching methods would have been abandoned long ago throughout the world.

Sounds really interesting! Can you tell me sth more about it?
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Hi, I'm Indra from Indonesia

I wanna know more about your Instanglish

Could you give me the details of your method because I'm also an English teacher and I want to improve my skill in teaching, if you don't mind.

Thanks a lot

I'm looking forward to having your reply A.S.A.P

Bye :-)
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