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hey darl ! are they the answers from the poem at the last ?
And told the trees to take a rest, to me this signifies the fall when the trees loose there leaves and seem to fall asleep. I might be wrong. I asked my 8 year old why he thought the trees would need to restand surprisingly he told , " to conserve energy.'
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I Wonder by Jeannie Kirby

The Setting of the poem:

It is set in a natural environment with focus on nature. This is evident due to the elements of nature that come into play in almost every line of the poem. These include 'green grass, wind, birds and their nests, trees, moon, stars and lightning flashes, rainbows in the sky and fluffy clouds.'

The surrounding of a child also contributes to determining the setting of the poem as most children love the outdoors. The child's / persona's curiosity about everything around him / her takes us through the evolving time of day and night in this world of wonder.

Hope this helped a little in the understanding of the setting.
Thank you.
hello,This is good for me and my friend..my friend and i can presention.Thank You so much Emotion: big smile

I liked every point. BBut in my sub conscious child world i knew Father didn't amswer.

Poem's arnt just about english language. Each can interpret literature

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Where and when does the lighting flash.... ???

What does the lightning do.

The poem says

"And makes the lightning flash about."

Waw! beautiful....
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thank you this was very helpful!

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