Are you interested in teaching eNGLISH in Thailand IN UNIVERSITY LEVEL? Let you know English as a foreign language in Thailand.
Yes, I am interested in teaching English in Thailand. Please provide more information on this. My email add is (Email removed, please add it to your profile). Thanks.
I have a Ba and MA in Creative Writing, 1982, 1984. I currently work as a Technical Writer for SBC Communications. I am looking to take a year off May June 2006 to August 2007. I am interested in moving to Thailand and obtaining a teaching position. I can teach basic english, technical writing (20 plus years experience), or grammar and composition. I do not currently have TEFL certification. Any information or guidance you could provide me with in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I am interested in working in a rural environment.
Brian Flaherty
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I am a native speaker of English and have a BA degree from a British university. Could you send me some more details about your teaching position? I have visited Thailand a couple of times but never worked there although I have taught English in Europe.

Ivan Clare.
Is it only men who are permitted to teach monks?

I am a teacher of english with about 20years experience in teaching children in primary schools .I am interested in ateaching permanent position in thailand.

I have got qualifications from the national institute of technology of education where I was taught during two years course training by natives from USA and UK.

I can also manipulate computers very well and speak french and arabic very well.

contact me for more details.

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Yes, i am interested to teach english in thailand. my name is eve monteverde, 35, single, filipino, currently working as employee relations officer with lepanto consolidated mining company, the biggest gold producer in the philippines to date. i hold a degree in bachelor of arts in mass communication-journalism from the university of the philippines and have recently completed my MBA from the university of the cordilleras.

should you wish to me to submit my CV, i may be contacted throuhg my email (Email removed, please add it to your profile)

thank you very much.

eve u. monteverde
i am a graduated English teacher in Myanmar.

i want to work in Thailand as an English teacher.

let me know if there is any job available and suitable for me.

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Hello, I'm interested in getting an English teaching position in Thailand, I've been living and teaching Eglish in China for more than year and a half already. I'm in Beijing now.

Can you provide me with any information as to how I can find a job and stuff. You can contact me by this email: (email removed by moderators. Note: you have to register and add your email address in profile, if you wish to be contacted by email ) .

Thanks a lot!!!
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