Hi there,
I'm a foreign teacher teaching in Taiwan. My current employer has another school, and he is seriously looking for another (female) foreign teacher to teach in that school.
I don't have all the particulars, but he isn't an agent, and he's really an easy boss to work for. No cheating, no pay reduction, no quibbling over hours worked, etc. I've been with him for two years now, and I cannot complain of anything - that is really a little miracle in a country where there are lots of teachers complaining about their employers.
If you're interested, you can respond to this e-mail - I'll try and give you as much info as possible, and put you into contact with the employer.
Hi Irmela,

I am so interested in joining you in this teaching job. Please provide more info. My email add is <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>. Where do I email my CV for your reference?
Hello there! Actually i'm looking for a job vacancy in taiwan as a teacher. I've been to taiwan twice but i work there as a factory worker.I am used to it, i mean the culture and lifestyle i used to live with it. I am a licensed teacher in the Philippines. I hope you could refer me and put me into contact with your employer!
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Hello there! I'm a licensed teacher here in tha Philippines.I been to Taiwan to work but as a factory worker. I want to practice my profession in Taiwan so i hope u could help me and put me into contact with your employer.

thank you very much,

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Hi there,
I am a female teacher in South Africa teaching English and am interested in finding out more detail about the teaching situation in Taiwan specifically focusinng on living conditions as well as age group,experience needed etc.i have never been to Taiwan and would appreciate some information compared to South Africa.

Please respond to the following <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>Email Removed" mce_href="mailto:Email Removed">

I look forward to hearing from you


Dyllis Thomas

I am looking for information for my daughter who is in her final year of Bachelor of Education (Primary) Degree at Rhodes University in South Africa and she is very interested in teaching in Taiwan next year (after graduation in May).

Can you supply information on:

payment to expect per month .....

accommodation ......

hours of work ....

any other info you may like to share......

She would prefer not to work through an agency but would feel more comfortable getting a job and accommodation before she leaves South Africa.

thanks in anticipation

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