I have to give a lesson to upper intermediated to teach vocabulary such as 'anxious, embarrassed, apprehensive, confused, enthusiastic, excited, delighted and surprised'.

They're all to do with emotions. Does anyone know how I even start the lesson?? Do you know of any good sites I could get a lesson plan from, or know of any exercises/drills to elicit this vocabulary?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

You may want to try http://iteslj.org /
Anyway, I've always tried to do different things depending on the group. Some bond differently than others and you can experiment according to class dynamics and students' previous response in other sessions.
For me, it's worked to start with the question... how are you feeling today? and even if they say fine or ok you could then move on to introduce vocabulary asking them specific questions or use your own persona to start up the emotions... today I am feeling *** and take it from there. Be prepared to do some acting (funny faces, extreme faces, etc... to get emotions across).
Exercises... I had a friend make drawings of faces and also simple group situations where words related to emotions can be easily introduced. Also, playing 'How would you feel if...' is very much fun. Hypothetical situations are great because sometimes emotions can be too personal and talking about them can be a bit intimidating for some people. Yet hypothetical scenarios (the silliest the better) smoothes it all.
Don't know if that was of much help... hope so.
thank you very much! you have really given me some great ideas, i have to teach the same topic: emotions.. and i didn't know what activities i could useEmotion: hmm