Does anyone have links or books about "Teaching Vocabulary Through Songs"???

Thank You!!!
Google found some interesting stuff. Here's the link to my search:

http://www.google.it/search?hl=it&q=teaching+vocabulary+through+songs&meta =

Hope this helps,

- YoHf

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Instead of books you may download all kinds of lyrics from lyrics.com I particularly use this site to teach vocabulary and there's a lot of fun in the class!
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Try this article about using songs to teach:


Best wishes, Keith
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Dear Mr Galindo,

I'm working on my thesis regarding this subject. The problem is, I'm not a teacher.

will you pls share your experience with me? I'll be needing as much information as possible.

I'll be very grateful to hear from you.
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Hi, I am a teacher and I tell my students to watch the show that is currently on (usually first 10 minutes) and the next day we talk about new vocabulary. I believe that is a good way too. I also came across this site that deals with new vocabulary in an interesting and funny context.

That looks like an interesting site, but the English on its first page has some errors.
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