I always get confused when using "I" or "me". Would you please help me?
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My team and I are scheduled.

Jane doe has worked diligently with me and our customer service department to complete this partnership.

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Is me and my team is correct

No. Read the earlier answers.

I have enclosed the report that was prepares by my tean AND I on ways to combate sexual harassment un the workplace

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The team and i are very proud of you

Maybe you don't realize it, but you are answering a question that was asked more than 8 years ago.

Besides, your answer has two mistakes.

The team and I are very proud of you.

Why not answer questions that are more recent? That way there's a better chance that the person who asked the question is still participating on our forum and can benefit from your answer.


thanks again for coming to Green to watch the team and me play! should i use me or I?

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The SEA B2B Mobile Leadership Team and, I wish you and your families

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