I always get confused when using "I" or "me". Would you please help me?
"my team and I" is "we".
"my team and me" is "us".

Where do you use "we" and "us"? It's the same.

We are ... ~ My team and I are ...
... with us. ~ ... with my team and me.


Both are correct, depending on how you use then in a sentence.

Try to write a couple of sentences, and we'll check them for you.

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My team and I were responsible for....
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I became a girl scout leader. This is a picture of my Brownie and me.

I also learned about comminucating in teams which resulted in my team members and I producing some award wining pieces.

The correct english is my team and i..allways refer to yourself last
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Thank you for meeting with Donald, Garrett and I.

AnonymousThank you for meeting with Donald, Garrett and I.

Replace "I" with "me".

Which is/are correct?

1) She is taller than I.

2) She is taller than me.

3) She is taller than I am.

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