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Rewrite the following instructions correctly. Change the text in any way that would make the instructions easier to follow.

The audience is middle school children who must do this project for science class. They are expected to take home the finished product as a holiday gift for a parent. Remember: Instructions should be clear, concise, organized, parallel, and free of wordy or unnecessary description. Planting Miss Daisy (or Petunia) Once you go to a store that sells flowering annuals, look around for a healthy six pack of some plant like petunias or geraniums that can be put in a separate pot and used as a gift for somebody you care about. You should separate the six little plants. Try to find a nice big pot that looks nice. You might want to paint the pot or put your handprints on it. That always looks nice. Mothers always cry when they get gifts that show their kids care about them. Anyway, you can find some little stones if the pot doesn't have a drainage hole in the bottom. That's where you put the stones so the roots don't get too wet and rot. You should fill up the pot half way with potting soil. Take the little plants and stick them in the pot. Fill up the rest of the pot with the dirt to cover the roots. Pat it down.Your mother or grandmother will love this gift and think you are great for giving it to her. Don't forget to water it and put it in a sunny place. Once in a while, like every month or so, you might want to give it some plant food.
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I just wanted to tell you that we don't do write anything for anyone here, we don't do anyone's homework. If it's an assignment, you should try to do it yourself first. Once you have tried, the gurus here might be able to correct your homework or answer your "specific" questions.
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You need to make the sentences flow in a more smooth way. The directions she his given you is to get rid of the choppy writing.
If you are looking to save a bunch of money on kids furniture then you are finally at the right place at the right time. changes to
You are in the right place at the right time and have the opportunity to save a bunch of money on kids and furniture.
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I agree. Most teachers would be reluctant to participate in a volunteer editorial service, even if they had the time for it. Another reason for reluctance is that most of the posts in this forum receive one answer. If a teacher does not feel justified in fulfilling the wishes of the student, in this case, to proofread, correct, and rewrite, then he or she will tend to leave it alone. Otherwise, other teachers will see that a response has been made and assume the question has been answered.

In the above paragraph, avoid the indefinite you. For example:
Select from a garden store a healthy six pack of petunias, geraniums, or the like, for separate potting.

Speaking for myself, I log on to this forum expecting to spend a few moments helping ESL students who are having specific issues with English. I do not expect any reward, other than that which comes from knowing I helped a student today. I will occasionally proof an essay, but not very often.