What's the difference between them?


[1] Using your architecture model as a guide, make changes to your architecture,design, and code to

meet your scenarios, functional requirements, technological requirements, quality attributes, and


[2] In order to be considered an architect you just need to answer every technical question.

Any help would be appreciated.Thank you in advance.
The root of "technological" is "technology", which means the science or art of a specific category of knowledge, such as architectural technology, medical technology, or information technology.

I am an Information Technologist, which means that I have specific technical knowledge about the science of information technology.

An x-ray machine is one technical tool of medical technology.

A CAD software program is one technical tool of architecture. But mathematics can also be considered a technical tool of architecture.

I assume that the first sentence uses "technological" to refer to information technology requirements. But I could be wrong, because the writer did not clearly say which science (or which "-ology") he was referring to.