What's the difference between them?


[1] Using your architecture model as a guide, make changes to your architecture,design, and code to

meet your scenarios, functional requirements, technological requirements, quality attributes, and


[2] In order to be considered an architect you just need to answer every technical question.

Any help would be appreciated.Thank you in advance.
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The root of "technological" is "technology", which means the science or art of a specific category of knowledge, such as architectural technology, medical technology, or information technology.

I am an Information Technologist, which means that I have specific technical knowledge about the science of information technology.

An x-ray machine is one technical tool of medical technology.

A CAD software program is one technical tool of architecture. But mathematics can also be considered a technical tool of architecture.

I assume that the first sentence uses "technological" to refer to information technology requirements. But I could be wrong, because the writer did not clearly say which science (or which "-ology") he was referring to.
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