Improvement of children has been an appealing topic nowadays. Many people harbor the view that technology has made children less creative than they were in the past. Personally, I disapprove of this statement.

First of all, what I put in my priority is study efficiency. It is common knowledge that in the information age, the young stand a golden chance to be more interactive with a large mount application facsimile their lessons and simulation experiments. They no longer simply rely on teacher for knowledge and learn by role. In contrary, technology is certain to encourage students to think critically and independently, so it is possible for children to think outside the box when withstanding dilemma. Accordingly, children who have early access to technology are shown to develop their imagination and creativity stronger than those who do not. More importantly, due to proliferation of the Internet with the click of a mouse children are able to not only obtain information in various ways but also keep pace with the past-paced development of modern science. An enormous benefit of technological learning is that it takes advantage of the brain's ability to make connections between verbal and visual representations of content, then lead to a deeper understanding, which in turn supports the transfer of learning to other situations. So, young people regard to technology as a useful tool to sharpen their creativity. By and large, technology turns out to be a great source of support for children to be creative.

In the second place, skills development is what cannot be left when considering the essence. It is apparent that technological advanced creates chance for children to co-operate with many people. Considering that these people possess many different aspects such as nationality, culture or skin-color. Children should find difficulty in coping with them. As spending more time chatting with one another, they gradually get a hold of hand initiate dialogues, share information and so on, in harmony. This, consequently, grants them the opportunity to augment their communication skill. More interestingly, children who utilize technology are expected to encounter with heaps of troubles, for example how to harness hi-tech features. To ensure their accomplishments leaves them no choice but to self-analyze and consider carefully. As a result, they are bound to come up with better action, corresponding their problems. The more cases urge them to deliberate, the better decision-making are made progress. Indeed, by complementarian to cultivate skills advanced technology is likely to polish their creative abilities.

On the other hand, some people might say that because technological advanced solves all problems nowadays, children do not have to contemplate anymore. Therefore, technology is thought to badly affect future career of children. This view, however, is not necessarily true. In fact, not all of trouble can be tackled by technology since different circumstance requires different technique may lead different results. Furthermore, it should be considered as an assistance for children to assess most state-of-the-art conclusion. As a result, children are encouraged on being more creative to address problem. Without any doubt, technology makes great contribution to facilitate the creative ability of children, it leads the first foundation for their future career.

In summary, study efficiency, skill development and future enhancement are convincing for my disapproval. It is highly recommended that parents as well educators should carefully consider my writing to make appropriate guideline on improvement of children.

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