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I would like to ask: " under what circumstance(s) will the word "technology" be in plural form?"

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"Etymology: Greek technologia systematic treatment of an art, from technE art, skill..."

We are perhaps too accustomed to thinking the word refers only to highly sophisticated and complex machines, electronics, cybernetics, etc., but in the strictest sense of the word, drawing with a pencil is a technology. Some folks have coined modified terms like 'low tech' and 'high tech' to distinguish larger categories within the vast realm of anything produced by some systematic skill. Therefore, it should be very easy to find all sorts of occasions to use the word in its plural form.

Science is a term to mean activities (and their results) to know natural phenomena. Engineering is a term to mean systematic studies about the methods how to apply scientific knowledge and human experience for a certain human purpose as well as any methods obtained through such studies. Prior to 1950, 'technology' was used almost synonymous to 'engineering'. As it has the suffix '-logy', 'technology' was (and still) is preferred to 'engineering' by people of academic fields. Thus we say 'Massachusetts Institute of Technology', not 'Massachusetts Institute of Engineering'. On the other hand, however, sometimes 'technology' meant an entity less science-based and more experience-based than 'engineering'. I guess this might come from the different notions that people those days had about 'engineers' and 'technicians'. During the latter half of the 20th century, however, the relative positions of 'engineering' and 'technology' gradually changed. Now 'technology' is more in fashion and sounds to be an entity somewhat more sophisticated than 'engineering'. People still use 'engineering' for earlier developed engineering fields such as 'building engineering', 'civil engineering', 'chemical engineering', 'electric engineering', etc.. But people prefer to use 'technology' for newly developed engineering fields like 'computer technology', 'information technology', 'space travel technology', 'biochemical technology'. 'recombinant DNA technology', etc.. Another feature of 'technology' is that it is used sometimes to mean an invention/method/product. For example one would say 'The newest technology is X-ray irradiation' rather than 'The newest engineering is X-ray irradiation'.
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Technologies refers to the different types of machines and equipment developed using technology.

Technology is used to refer to the general concept, that is, the advanced scientific knowledge used for practical purposes.

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