Can anyone tell me if someone with a TEFL certificate obtained at the Canadian Institute of Teaching English can teach Medical and Business English? I mean can he/ she sign the certificates given in these areas ? Thanks.
This is an interesting question and could be paraphrased into "Is an EFL/ESL certified teacher allowed to sign any ESP/ESAP certificate?"

When we are trained, we are taught how to cope with the methodology and the art of second language acquisition. We are prepared to teach the language. We can even develop curricula and syllabi for English for Specific and Academic Purposes - which include technical, bussines, medical, legal or whatever-you-call-it English. Remember: we teach the language, not the topic - although some knoledge is desireable.

So, in my humble opinion, a well-trained teacher can teach anything at his or her corresponding level, but as ESP/ESAP is concerned, one must be, at least, familiar with the vocabulary and terminology involved. Your students will judge whether you are a good teacher or not in the end. You must master the structure of that particular field - you are not obliged to be a doctor!

For instance, in my particular case, I'm an EFL teacher but I also studied Electronics Engineering, so I feel very comfortable teaching technical English. I also took courses on Import/Export, so I have some knowledge on business English. If you asked me to teach medical English, I'd accept, but I would also ask for some time for preparation.

Of course, if your inquiry refers to the legal implications of signing a certificate in certain speciality... I'm absolutely of no help. Emotion: smile
Tks Raul, I was actually interested in the legal aspects. I start teaching in January at a foundation for medical students and I found a Canadian teacher with this certificate who could join us. But It's not clear for me who'll sign the certificates we give to General English and Medical English students.