Hey everybody. Im currently stuck on this question. I have attepmted it twice. All i have done wrong is the last part where i have to think of a communicative task. I need th have them using the target language in a freer, more natural way - for example in a role play. If anybody can give me advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks

Imagine you are teaching the phonemes /l/ and /r/ (/r/ for 'right' and /l/ for 'love'). Your aim is to help your students distinguish between the two sounds and pronounce them as accurately as possible. Remind yourself of the stages (p6) of teaching sounds you covered in module 6 and describe step by step how you would teach these sounds. Remember to give details of a communicative activity at the end. Write about 200 words

no advice im afraid but im stuck on the same thing Emotion: sad

I'm currently on that same question. I've submitted Module 3 once already & I've been asked to re-do questions 25 & 30-37.....

How did you guys go??

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Im stuck on this one too!