If anyone can help me I would be more than grateful! I have been trying to put a lesson plan together for some time now. The lesson plan relates to giving, asking for and understanding directions. I have submitted it three times but each time it has been returned to me! The course I am doing is through i-to-i - so I'm just wondeirng if anyone looking at this has attempted to do this? I am struggling with the presentation stage of the lesson - Meaning - Pronunciation - Form. I really need to complete it so any advice would be gratefully received. My TL is 'where's the' 'how do I get to the' 'go straight-on' 'turn left' and 'turn right' - any tips on elicting this TL? Emotion: smile
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HI Simmo, I am also having trouble.... did you ever get the answer? PJ
I managed to get it sorted in then end Emotion: smile
How far have you got with it? My advice is to remember to keep the language you use as simple as possible and really think about the presentation stage of the lesson - i.e. meaning, pronunciation and form.
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Thanks for the advise..... I have been studying and taking meticulous notes on how to put this lesson plan together. Seems to be the most difficult of all the modules? I am still searching for example lesson plans that would help but cannot find any yet. All help is appreciated. Did you get your certificate yet? PJ
Hi, I completed a few weeks ago. to be honest, I started doing the grammar lesson plan, cos I really luv it, normally. However, scrapped that idea, did describing people instead. Was a lot easier, and I got fab feedback. I can help you with that if you want.
Contact:(removed. Add itit o your profile only). Good luck.
Hi, Thanks for the suggestion..... I agree that describing people would be a better choice. I will give it a go on my own then get your advise if I am on the right track. Let me see how far I get this week........ still working a full-time job here in China. Check out my website when you get a chance. I will add it to my profile. Papa J
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i`m also stucked in Module 9 to be honest I didn`t expect the TEFL course so difficult Emotion: sad
Let's keep studying and see how far we get.... got to study everything again..... another 40 hours? PJ
Hi Ziomek, how far have you gotten? PapaJ
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