Has anyone completed or is anyone doing module 6 of the TEFL course that requires you to watch a dvd of someone teaching English and then answer some questions? I am stuck on a few of the questions and would really appreciate some help.

I'm not sure what grammatical structure is being taught and how the concept of the structure is made clear.

Thanks, Bekah
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Hi! I could help you- but how can I watch your material?
Hi Bekah

I stuck at the same bit as you. Have you got any further on with the answers for task 4 and 5 yet?

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Hi Bekah!

I also stuck at the same module as you.May I contact you?

My email is (email address removed by mod).


@ Chrijs
If you include your email address in your profile, Bekah can get it that way.
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Hi Bekah,
I am also doing that module and am stuck too! If you could help me out that would be great!
You can contact me on <removed by a mod. Please add it to your profile.>
hanks alot!!!
I am also stuck on this module, can someone please hep me? thanks
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i hope i can help, i have just passed module 6 and the grammar being taught is the past tense of "used to" also the concept of the structure is just about the time line and the flashcard useage, i.e . he useed to live in a castle but now he lives in jail.

Hope that helps a bit, stuck on module 8 if anybody got any ideas.
hi ,,,can you help me the MODULE 6,,,i have watched serevl times of video,,but some questions i still cant understand,,

Hi Bekah,
I've been following your forum and I know it's old....but i'm desperate right now...
I'd really appreciate it if you could give me the answers to module 6 and the rest of the online tefl...i don't have adsl at home and the video's aren't opening up. I really need to finish this so I can start my new job. My tutor is not much help. Greatly appreciated
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