TEFL online Checkpoint 3 questions please help!?

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Hello, I would appreciate it if someone can help/review my answers for my TEFL checkpoint 3.

1. Tanya is having her car repaired.

I wrote

-Is Tanya's car broken?
-Where is her car?
-Is Tanya fixing her car herself?

2. I wish you wouldn't smoke so much.

I wrote

-Was the speaker happy or unhappy?
-Does the speaker want you to smoke more or less?
-Is the speaker a smoker?

3.When he arrived at the station, the train had left.

I wrote

-Do you think the speaker arrived on time?
-Was the train on time?
-Do you think the speaker may have to wait for another train?

Please help/advise me...this is my last attempt I was so confused on what he was expecting....thanks!


a desperate student of TEFL.
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I think those are all acceptable as comprehension questions about the statements, Anon.
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1 -Is Tanya fixing her car herself?
2 -Was the speaker happy or unhappy?
3 -Do you think the speaker may have to wait for another train?
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