Is there any such thing ? The narrator uses this while he was talking about a woman and the whole sentence is:

He recognized the woman who came out at seven o'clock, dressed in a business suit, on her way to the television mines.

Could you please help? I should translate this and I don't really want to write down something stupid.

Thanks in advance,

I think you need to describe the whole scene and provide more of the dialog. What kind of show/movie is this from? What is the title?
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"He" is a former detective, whose daughter has been kidnapped by the man he was investigating through several abduction cases and the "woman" is a friend of the mother of one of the victims. He goes to see victims' houses to provide more data and there, he sees her. There aren't any further informations about that woman, just the fact that she is a friend.
And by the way, this is from a novel called "The Straw Men".