London (CNN) -- Few shows can claim such an audience. As the dramatic spectacle of the Olympics Games opening ceremony in London unfolds Friday night, millions of people around the world will be glued to their television sets.

Is "television sets" correct, and is "televisions" wrong?
"Television set" is a correct expression often used instead of "television" to refer to the physical object. "The Olympics Games" is wrong and should be "the Olympic Games" or "the Olympics".

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Thank you, CB.

What do native English speakers usually call this equipment?

a flatscreen
Also a liquid-crystal display.
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Thank you, enoon and Anonymous.

Is it wrong to call that equipment a TV?
HUBLOTIs it wrong to call that equipment a TV?
Not at all. It's a flat-screen TV. You can call it a flat screen, a TV, a flat-screen TV, or a television. It doesn't really matter.

Thank you, AG.

Is this a flat-screen TV too?

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It's difficult to tell, but It looks like an old flat screen.
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