Television viewing figures for sports by country , in millions

countryTenisGolfMotor racingAthleticsTotals


'' The table shows and compares data about the televison viewing for sport of five country in million.

It is clear that the figures who viewed for sport is fluctuated in each country over the table shown. Overall total figures of USA had largest view for sport which Tenis and Golf were the most popular. Canada had a lowest view for sport and Motor racing and Athletics is more less popular

In sport the figures total of Tenis was about 25.9 flowing is Golf at 21.9 . Motor racing and Athletics were lower about 12.7 and 16.9

By country, USA and UK had a highest viewed for sport at 25.2 and 20.3. Autralia is lower 17.4 and Canada is the lowest at 14.5 ''


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