Hi all!

What is the difference between "tell a story" and "tell of a story"?

As far as I can tell, they both mean the same thing i.e. "tell a story". For example, if you say, "This book tells of a story about adventure on the high seas," you mean that the book tells the story, not that it provides a synopsis. Obviously, there's a difference in tone. You wouldn't say, for example, "Let me tell you of a story about the time I got really drunk and forgot where I parked my car." Or at least I wouldn't. But are there any other differences in nuance that I'm missing?

Thanks for your time.
I think of "of" as meaning "about". Maybe a "telling a story" is more set in stone and concrete, like a bedtime story. However, a story which has new things in it and can be embellished by the author might include "of".
Thanks for your reply, Jaradite.