The friend that I get along with the most is Van. She’s 18 years old. She was formerly lived in Binh Thanh District but now she’s lived here for 3 months.
We first met when we have been in a choir of the church.

She’s a good-looking girl with a lovely round face and shining smile. She has silk long hair, a fit body, and tan skin.

If I had to describe her character, I would say she’s not only very sociable to everyone but also very thoughtful at everything, especially the housework.

I like her sense of humor. She always makes me laugh so much every time we met each other.

Cooking and taking care of plants are her hobbies. You know, she’s very good at cooking.
Sometimes, when we have some days off, we visit our lovely friend near her house and together cook delicious food. And I’ve just realized that those are the most beautiful, cozy times between us.

Since we made friends, I’ve learnt a lot of things from her like cooking, singing, her perseverance, her friendliness to people, etc.

Perhaps the best thing that makes me so thrilled about her is that she always spends her time listening to me whenever I have troubles. She would encourage me and give me bits of useful advice.

I hope that our friendship will last forever.

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