The last scene in a short story I read long ago has still been so impressive. I 'd like to read it again, but I don't remember its title name and author's name. I'd be glad if someone would tell me.
The story is as follows.

He (hero), with his fellow gang members, was waiting for a train to come, which they were going to attack. They waited long and at last they found it a long way away coming toward them slowly. Suddenly the train blew a sharp whistle, Hearing it, he, for no reason, suddenly remembered his hometown, which he had left behind many many years ago. The whistle sounded like something he used to hear in his village. He felt deeply nostalgic about it, and now the train robbery seemed unrelated to him. He suddenly jumped on his horse, and dashed to his home. ---------

Is it "Holding Up a Train" by O'Henry?

Thank you for your answer, but it isn't.