all nations live themselves and have differences from others..

what do you live that any nation doesnt do?

it can be a mystic ceremony, a game, an instrument, an interesting day,a carneval,a swear,..
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Hey Chiquillo

in France, every June 21st, we celebrate 'la fete de la Musique', which can be translated as 'Music Day". Festivals, bands, musical groups are everywhere and people are in the street having fun. I don't know if any other country do that or if it's specific to France.
hi amandine,,

yes,,there are some similar organisations in different regions of anatolia.. villagers camp on mounts and celebrates their traditional lives by music,mysthic ceremonies and very interesting activities..

in some parts of anatolia,,there are prayers for rainfall.Within this framework, a number of external factors can play a role in these practices, such as the place chosen for prayer, the time, the meal eaten after the prayer for rain, animals that are taken to the prayer site, clothes worn on the prayer day, and practices carried out on the return journey. it seems that shamanism:)isnt it?but they pray in the name of Allah..

and there are bullfightings(it s very different from spain,,because both of the fighters are bulls and it s not allowed to kill themselves)..i dont know if there is similar activity around the world..
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Come on! Let's forget about all these prejudices... Spain is not bullfighting! Do you know why there are still some bullfights? Because lots of tourists come with the idea of watching this horrible killings!


hi eire again:)

it so sad to see as a touristic activity to kill the animals,,ok,,write a beautiful tradition of catalonia..

I hope you like this Catalan tradition: the human towers! We call them: "castells" (=castles). In this picture, they are doing a human tower in front of my city's cathedral. Do you like it?


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yeah,,it s so interesting!! did you take that photo? and this is a photo of feeling after a wrestling in artvin:)
Kalibo Ati-Atihan
Scene of yearly celebration in honor of Sto. Niño, held every third week of January, popularly known worldwide as Ati-Atihan.
do u know the story or mean of ati-atihan??why or what do they celebrate?
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