Hi everyone, today I wanna tell you an old Chinese story. But I'm afraid I can't translate this story well. I'll try to make it easy to understand. If anyone (especially a translator) visit this web by accident, hope you can help me to translate it well. Just contact me Email Removed

???(A tale of a snake)

Long long ago, there was a white snake living in deep area of mountains. Year by year, the snake lived for thousands of years and it became a magic snake.
One day, it changed itself into a nice woman. She made a name for herself: ???(Bai Suzhen). And she made a friend——??(Xiao Qing), who was also a snake, a green snake, and she was magic, too.
According to the principle of Heaven, where Bodhisattvas lived, animals cannot change their selves into human beings and join the human society, even though they were magic and they had a human figure.
But Bai is not a common animal, she got permission from Kwan-yin Bodhisattva, and she was just going to the human society to repay a man, who had saved her life in his previous life about a thousand year ago..
It happened thousand year ago, when Bai was still a little snake and was not magic. One day she was caught by a hunter. The hunter wanted to kill her and get its gallbladder and at the very moment, a little child found the snake was painful, and he exchanged this white snake with his goods and then gave it freedom. If not for this child’s help, Bai would not be so magic now for she had already been killed by the hunter.
Bai then found the little child in human society, who is now called Xu Xian(??). And they fell in love with each other. They married and opened a clinique. But there was a monk, whose name was Fa Hai(??), he thought that Bai, as a goblin who was a snake in fact, had no qualities to live in hunman society. And Fa Hai was also magic and strong, for he was an old and prestigious monk. On a Dragon Boat Festival, Fa Hai divided separated Bai and Xu from each other. Bai got sad and crazy and mad, she begged Fa Hai for his husband, but Fa Hai said “No Way, you are just a snake, never dream to live with human!!!”
Bai was despaired and she caused a very big blood to fight with Fa Hai. This blood also made many innocent civilians died. And Fa Hai then, as a monk who executes according to Heaven Principle, jugged Bai into a tower, Leifeng Tower. Bai was forbidden to come out from the tower and she could only patter in the tower. Xiao Qing had tried to save her sis out the tower, but she failed and even nearly killed by Fa Hai, then Kwan-yin Bodhisattva saved her. So Bai was living in the tower, enduring a hard life……
As years went by, Xu Shilin(???), Bai Suzhen’s son, who was still a little child when his mother was put into Leifeng Tower, grew to be a Number One Scholar in the nation’s test. And Emperor chose him to be a minister. Xu never forgot to save his mother out the tower, now as a minister, he required Emperor to pardon his mother. Considering that what Bai had done was just for a peaceful living with her husband, thought the blood she caused made many people died, it is pardonable. With a pardon order from the Emperor, Fa Hai had to set Bai free from Leifeng Tower. And Bai lived with his husband and his son as well as her sis Xiao Qing again!!!

Well, I just translated the main idea of the story. It mainly tells us that love will never be isolatable, a true love can move everyone even the Emperor and Heaven!!! (the Leifeng Tower fell down in last century. It is said that the tower will be rebulit as a key point of interest)
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I am a chinese. I had learnt this story when I was still in kidnergarden. I live near the place where the story happen. There is a mistake in the story.
Bai was despaired and she caused a very big blood to fight with Fa Hai.
Not a blood but a big flood by the water in the East Ocean.
After all, the translation is good, at least, I think.
Oh, thanks very much!!! That's my typing error Emotion: stick out tongue
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Hi, chenyj! Shall we make friends?
Did you tanslate it from the TV play?
Actually I had already heard the story before the TV play was shown. Are you live in Zhejiang Province?
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Yes. I live in Zhejiang Province.
The sotry which spread among civilians may be a little bit different from the TV play. And your story seems the same as the TV play. So I'd rather to know……Of course. fabel itself has a couple of edition.
Ha ha ha.....
You are right I just can't agree moreEmotion: smile
I read "Green Snake" -- it's written by a HK author who put a scarcastic twist to the story.
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