Out of curiousity I would like to know a few things (ten to be exact).
What do I need to know about this world?
If I were a new-born baby what 10 things would you like to tell me about this world that I should know?
(or if you like, consider me as an alien new to this strange yet interesting world)
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1) You must eat or you will die.
2) You must drink or you will die.
3) You must breath or you will die.
4) You should work hard or your life will be of poor quality.
5) You should not murder or commit crimes or you will lose your freedom.
6) You should not commit adultery, or your guilt will burden you.
7) You should treat other people the way you would like to be treated.
8) You should respect and care for nature because it supports you.
9) You should give thanks for EVERYTHING.
10)You should find earnestly endeavor to find your own truths, never blindly accept the truths of others.

Great question Woodward ... not easy to answer. I'm sure I will want to revise this list later, life is like that!
(Also according to 1,2, and 3)

You don't have to do anything except dying! Emotion: smile
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1. Little Rob, you've just landed in planet Earth, a tiny spot in the universe. You don't have to deal with the whole universe unless you become an astronomer, but you'll have to deal with the rest of people who inhabit this planet.

2. First your family, a safe place generally, the family. Then you'll be sorrounded by people similar to you, the friends. And now the most interesting comes......the life outside the safe places. Keep in mind we all are the same and the differences you'll find among different kind of people are something positive.

3. Now watch at your environement, the sky, the ground, mountains, the sea, the atmosphere. As Mike in Japan said, care for the nature, it doesn't belong to you, it is for your wise and prudent use.

4. What? that what is Mike in Japan? it is not what but who, he is an adult, yes, his post has plenty of 'must(s)' and 'should(s)' that means he and the rest of humans expect from you a correct behaviour, that you never damage others and that you work hard. To be lazy is very bad seen here.

5. You are encouraged to enjoy life. Be ready to love and to be loved and keep yourself keen in many things, as much love towards other humans and much interests in life, more happiness. Ah! fix in mind that happinnes is something we bring to life , not something life delivers on us!!

This phrase about happinnes is from Jinananda, also known as Duncan Steen.
I would say try to honest with yourself and not hurt other people.
Let me complain of me and my English here although I am going outside the thread.
After reading what I wrote here, I see I am stuck in the same place , I didn't add any phrasal verb. No idioms, no new vocabulary except from 'prudent' and that has no merit because it is almost the same in Spanish (prudente), I always use the same words. Besides, I barely understand my own post, I even understand better BBC news, I wonder how those lines sound to English ears, if I want to communicate well, how long will I have to study this language, and the worst is still worse, the correct listening comprehension is miles from me, and, and... Emotion: sad

Coming back to the ten things thread, I'll try to think up five more points.
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Elena, please relax and give yourself a pat on the back. I (and many others I'm sure) understood exactly what you wrote, with no difficulty whatsoever!
Your English is better than a lot of native English speakers I know.
Well done, honestly!
Elena: You're fine, stop freaking out at once!

1) accept ageing
2) accept mortality
3) make the most of every minute you can.
6. LittleAlien , it's good to complain aloud voice or to rant and rave from time to time, you'll feel released and there is the possibility you hear friendly hearten comments from kindly people but avoid freaking out!

7. Be assertive, learn to say 'no' when neccesary, nothing wrong will happen, on the contrary, relationships will improve.

8. Considering, forgetting, forgiving and understanding. Good adjetives to include in your personality.

9. Don't be obedient.

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