What's meant by 'tend to' in:
"Beginning chess players tend to want to checkmate their opponents as quickly as possible."

have a tendency to want to means simply want to, doesn't it
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Tend to want = usually/often want
I suspect that when we say that "they tend to do somthing" we can say "they usually do somthing", am I right?
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Yes, that's about right.
"Very young girls with conduct problems, compared with those without such problems, tend to have higher scores on measures of intelligence (Fagot and Leve, 1998 ; Sonuga-Barke et al., 1994 )."

a case in point here?
What about
"interventions addressing multiple needs from multiple domains tend to be more successful."?

I should thank you for your previous replies and for the next one!
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Yes and yes: cases in point.
"Tend to" is synonymous with "are inclined to".

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