1. Does "tend to escape public censure" mean "usually escape public criticism"?

2. Does "outed" here mean "revealed"?

3. Do these couple of sentences imply "the advertisements of cancer-giving products and women humiliating advertisements do not receive any critics. But, Levine's posters are deeply criticized. It is because his posters instead of advertising fake products or goals, target real problems of these days which are the hypocrisy of Christian church and the hypocrisy of fake advertisements"?


McGonagle notes that the fiercest resistance to Levine’s work came from his staunchest Christian critics who were, of course, particularly angered by the inverted message that Christian societies are actually killing, starving or bombing. Both McGonagle and Levine pointed out that advertisements that promote cancer-giving products or demean women tend to escape public censure. In other words, the Blame God campaign outed not only the hypocrisy of the traditional Christian church but also the hypocrisy of traditional advertising practices that made superficial promises towards an improved quality of life but, in the long run, were detrimental to the quality of people’s lives. In this, Levine made serious demands of his viewers, asking them to read deeply rather than superficially and, in this respect, he shared approaches practised by several other artists working in public spaces.

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