I have a confusion...after an auxilary verb like was/were do I still use the past tense behind it? or i just use the present tense like the tense "I did do my homework"?
Well, after was/were you usually use either the present participle (progressive aspect) or the past participle (passive voice), as in:

He was selling.

It was sold.

It is also possible to use the infinitive as in:

He was to sell the house. (this one is about a plan/ arrangement)

Or even a perfect infinitive as in:

I was to have started work last week, but I changed my mind. (a planned event did not happen)

An important remark, SG:

if you use "did" then the main verb should NOT be in its present form!

It should be in the infinitive, or otherwise you will get something like "*He did goes."

I suppose you confused the names.


Hi, Anon,

"If I were..." is correct. Yet it would be better if you gave us whole sentences we could comment upon. And yes, all the persons are the same everywhere, when you have a close look at them... Emotion: sad
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In general was/were used to represent a an activity in progress in the past. For example.

He was running.

I was eating.

You were going to the city.

It is common to say "I am done". May be it is correct to say "I was done". I am not sure about the other used of was/were.

But one thing is sure that if you use "did" then the main verb should be in present form. For example

I did not do my homework. (I will rewrite your sentence as "I did my homework")

I did not go to movie.

Did you find you wallet?

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With "if" I have been taught to say
If I "were"........
however, all the other persons are the same as always

Don't know rhyme or reason, but it was taught as proper grammar
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...all the persons are the same everywhere, when you have a close look at them...
An uncharacteristically jaundiced statement...yet...sadly...true... Emotion: crying