Hi, teachers!

I am confused about tense…

Could you please tell me if the verb ‘did’ in the following sentence is correct, supposing that ‘I’ will be back before ‘mom’ comes back?

(Talking to his brother…)

“I’m going to use mom’s car this afternoon, but please don’t tell her that I (did).”

Thank you for your help!
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In the original poster's scenario, the car will be back in the driveway where it belongs by the time their mother is home, I believe. The act of borrowing the car is complete. Don't tell her that I did it. (I suppose a modified scenario - "Tell her I did and that I left her $10 for gas on the table.")

In the revised scenario:
Dad is asleep.
Son borrows the car.
Dad will wake up and the car will not be there.
The car will be returned before Dad needs it.

Tell Dad I've borrowed his car but will have it back before he needs to go to work.