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Summaries should always be written in present tense. But sometimes it sounds strange if you use the present tense when you summeraize/are summarizing( [:^)] ) a book. I mean, if you tell the story of the book in the present tense it's ok but sometimes there are situation where I think it should be told in the past tense or past perfect (is past perfect f. e. has been?). So, in which tense should I tell the story or should I just tell the story in present tense though it doesn't seem to fit?

Hope you understood what I want to say. It is not easy for me to express things.. but i have to improve quickly because I have school leaving examination in 2 weeks and I have difficulty in english Emotion: crying .. well, you will see it soon..
The briefest example would do to enlighten these wise attendees
Sorry but I don't understand what you mean.
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Your original question could use an example of what you mean,
that was what I meantEmotion: smile
That is difficult because I made a summary a long long time ago. Think I can't give an example now. I just know that whenever I had to make a summarize this tense problem appeared. When I got an example then I will post it though I don't know when that will be ^^.. but thx for your explanation ( I almost didn't understand again what you meant XD.. hope it's just because I am tired and not because I am that bad in english, that would be sooo depressing...Emotion: smile)
I look forward to it
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