I'm studying english tenses and i need some help. I have some questions:

1-What is the difference between the future indefinite and will+infinitive form?

2-What is the difference between sentences: I will never get married./ I am never getting married.

3- The use of present progressive and future indefinite in clauses of time and condition- Are the two tenses both used to express a future event which depends on some external circimstances?

4-What is the difference between these sentences:

>Yesterday I wore a red dress/ Yesterday I was wearing a red dress.

> I lived in Geneva./ I was living in Geneva. (is there a difference if I add something like "for a year" to each of these two sentences?)

> A 74 bus stood just beside me./ A 74 bus was standing just beside me.

Thank you
Suggest making searches at this site (top right search box) with
past progressive
present progressive
you'll find threads with rich sets of examples and explanations.