Hi, teachers!

Could you let me know if the following is correct?

Can "warmish" be a synonym of "tepid"?

tepid = warmish


In what context?


Can "warmish" be a synonym of "tepid"?

tepid = warmish

It can, in the context of the temperature of a liquid, or the enthusiasm of a welcome, but warmish weather or a warmish day can't be called tepid.

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Hi, Rover,

It doesn't have a context, it's from a SSAT preparation book and it merely lists synonyms while explaining "despondent" as in the attached picture.

As was done in UsingEnglish, many of the questions I asked are from Korean highschool mockup exams or test preparation books, so I couldn't find authors or sources.

I'd like to send you a highschool mockup exam file, but can't attach one here. If you let me know your personal email address, I can send you one as an example for you to understand what it is.

As I can't access UsingEnglish at the moment, it's kind of inconvenient for me to study English.

If I really have to show author and source, would it be better to say like this? Please advise.

ex) ...some text...

author - unknown

source - Korean mockup test for 2nd highschoolers, question No 34.

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I suggest that after every piece of text you quote from this source you write this:

Source: Korean mock exam for high-school students. Author unknown.