What are they mean?

1) hypotactic clause

Is it a dependent clause or main clause?

2) delected functional element?

3) deontic modal

4) cicumstantial clause

Is it an adverb clause of place?

5) anticipatory subject

Is it the word "it" when it used as grammatical subject of verb and the real subject is an infinitive or a noun clause comes after the predicate verb.

Please help.
I couldn't find your terms in online linguistic glossaries. This is what I can recommend: ask a linguist on http://linguistlist.org/ask-ling/index.html

Deontic modality is modality that connotes the speaker's

  • degree of requirement of
  • desire for, or
  • commitment to the realization of

  • the proposition expressed by the utterance .

    Examples (English)

    • You may go at four o’clock.
    • All elections shall take place on schedule.
Hello tb

1) hypotactic clause

= "subordination".

4) circumstantial clause

Yes, it's an adverb/adverbial that tells you the place and time of an event.

5) anticipatory subject

Yes, e.g. "it" in "it matters what you eat", which = "what you eat matters".