What is the relationship to me with my cousin's son and daughter?
I need the terms to describe the relationshp. Please let me know that.
Technically, (according to geneologists) the children of your first cousin are your "first cousins once removed". (They and your children are technically "second cousins" to each other.) However, most people I know would casually refer to them as "second cousins." I don't know if it's different in Englsand, but in the U.S. I don't really know anyone who would say, "He's my first cousin once removed" (unless they were about to make a pun -- "He's my first cousin once removed, but, as you can see, he came back"). You can also just use "cousins" for the whole lot without being more specific.
See the chart in this article.


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If you share the same grandparents, you are first cousins. Your first cousin's children are first cousins once removed.
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