a dependent clause can be the head of a sentence if it does not 'proceed as a main clause from the previous sentence.'

Is this statement accurate ?

Jenny buys her flowers from the store. This is the essence of consumerism.

This is the essence of consumerism (dependent head : complete main clause).

Proceeds as a main clause from the previous sentence.

panda blue 483the head of a sentence

"The head of a sentence is usually taken to be the tensed verb, and every other word is either dependent on the sentence head, or connects to it through a path of dependencies."


I think you might mean 'the beginning of a sentence'. At least that would avoid confusion with the technical definition of 'head of a sentence' in linguistics.

panda blue 483Is this statement accurate ?

To determine if it's accurate one first has to know what it means.

I can't make heads or tails of it.