I just thought that I should throw in my two cents about this one of the most controversial topics. Lot of people think that all Muslims hate Americans or West. I totally disagree. It is only the fundamentallists, extremist low lives who have nothing better to do then to get up and start their own stupid clan or some crap like that and start killing and murdering people. One of the biggest problem in the Muslim world is the lack of education, I think that one of the best ways to bring peace would be to educate them a bit more, educate them about life and other things. See you gotta realize that these kids when they are born they can't get any education, they don't have any notions of their own, they don't have any money after they grow up so when some *** hole like "Osama bin Laden" gets up and starts telling them wrong *** they start to belive in it. On the other hand try telling *** like that to an educated Muslim and he would laugh in that *** hole Osamas face.
One of his main aim was to put a distance between Muslims and Christians by attacking WTC on Sept 11th, now what we need to do is to let him know that he failed and how we can do that is by stop hating each other instead work with each other. By painting and marking some ones house or car with a word like "terrorist" is not going to solve any problem instead if there is no hate and Muslims living in America or other countries are not scared its more likely that it will scare the terrorists off.
I believe that Muslim or Non Muslim murder is a muder and no the holy book of any religion prohibits such actions.
I belive that its time Muslims, Christians and rest of the religions all need to unite and work with each other to grab these terrorists and not hate each other. This will help bring the peach.
I believe two wrongs don't make the right. Hate is not the solution. Communication and friendship is the solution.
Am I right or wrong? Cheers all
True, hate is not the solution if you want peace.
But I doubt if the muslim leaders wants peace.
I guess that the ordinary people do want peace just like you an me, and yes, you are also right to say that those ordinary people need education but I wonder if that will ever happen. What do you think, will there ever be world-wide peace?
I sure hope so, I have a son and I'd like for him to grow up and live life to the fullest not scared and always thinking what is going to happen. I just wish either all these terrorists learn or drop dead. Just a message for them retards you won't achieve any thing like this, not in this world nor in the after life. My God's curse be upon you. This is the prayer from all the people you are affecting.