I'm very sad about what happened in London today. I don't really know what to say, I suppose this is very shocking for everyone. It's really terrible so many innocent lives were lost, not only in England but also in Spain, the United States and of course in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'd like to see this global insanity vanishing but these acts only revive feelings of anger and revenge.
I sincerely wish peace to all those who lost a relative or friend today.
Terrorism is becoming bigger and bigger dangerous for people. I can't understand why someone kills another because he doesn't have the same idea with him. Is being understanding about people's ideas and religions so difficult? I live in Turkey and we are suffering due to terrorism for twenty five years. Almost 40 thousand people died due to terrorism. Some policy makers should do something to stop terrorism instead of making war and killing innocent people....
Yes it is a terrible thing, I find it hard to imagine what sort of thinking can cause people to justify doing such things.
What are these people like?
I guess they must have alot of arrogance in believing that they are right, they must have a lot of anger and perhaps feelings of revenge or sadness about their perception of what is wrong with this world.
Hmmm, all feelings that we are feeling right now?
I guess what makes us a blessing or a curse, is what we do with these feelings.
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Terrible and disgusting. What can possibly be gained by harming innocent people. The British will be more determined to carry on with their lives and work for peace and justice like most other countries. Keep on going on Britain.
I also, I am really shocked once more. In March this year I found my family in Yemen, I live in Europe. And now, would go to see my family, to make the acquaintance to them. We are so happy together now, we think the same in many things, also in our belief in God. How can people belive in God and think, they can kill in the name of God? How it could be that a mother is proud of the death of her own child? Unbelievable.