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I don't like to participate in political discussions, because I think it's useless. However, I am really curious why the US rejects the request of other countries on this issue (Israel and Lebanon) to be sent to the UN's security council!!! (And they interfere in other matters that really are not their business and claim that they are fighting for stability, peace, ...) How selfish we are to hide our real intention and show off ourselves by our humanitarian acts in which many innocent human beings are getting killed. Or maybe they are not humans, and they deserve to die! What's the difference between these people and Ben Laden's people? Both think the same, just their targets are not the same.
I believe Terrorists are made only because of these people, who encourage them to be born
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Hi Language! I read a story of Easter, it's about Jewish and Persian, I have no doubt why the fighting has been continueing and when it strarted we don't know. Just like a curse, if not why it has never finished. About the US, many country has shown already protesting against the US decission even in the US. As in the picture we have known that this world will never become cooler.Emotion: sad This is the biggest problem if each country never change their attitude.Emotion: sad
Forgiving terrorist is left to GOD. But fixing their appointment with GOD is left to us - Indian Army.Emotion: lightning
yes the Israeli government is the real terrorsit
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Forgiving terrorist is left to GOD. But fixing their appointment with GOD is left to us - Indian Army.


Forgiving terrorist is left to GOD. But fixing their appointment with GOD is left to us - Israel Defence Forces


Advice of terrorists: If any group of people have desire to kill civilians so kill them as much as you want but through proper channel. If you go illegally somewhere and kill some people, you would be defenetly called a terrorist. So kill through proper channel. Make a large group of people with proper miltary suits, pick up some advance and latest guns, tanks and bombs and then go desire place and kill anybody you want.
In responce to the bombing of the family in Gaza, I find it hard to believe that no matter how twisted you think the Israeli government to be, that they are targetting random families. In Lebanon, there are stories of Hezbollah fighters firing rockets out of hospitals, forcing Isreali Aircraft to return fire at the smoke trail. The building is probably unidentifiable from the altitude, but it makes for good propaganda.
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However much one hates terrorism this is no excuse for massacring thousands. Sounds too much like hate and fear.Thank God sense has prevailed. Everyone has lost.
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