I'm Kate, and I've waited too long to get started in my travels. I'm American nad have never had a Visa to any country, but have a passion for the Spanish language.

I've decided to make the leap and go to Argentina and get certified while I'm there.

I've found three programs that promise the credentials to get out there and get a job taching English as a second language. Each one lasts about a month.

They are:
The International TEFL Corporation:

EBC International TEFL Certificate:

http://www.teflgap.org / (about twice the price - is it worth it?)

Bridge Linguatec:


I would very much love to hear from anyone who has had experience with these places, or any recommendations as to where I might find reviews of the programs. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

Alright. I'm probably not going 2 be a hole lot of help other than i have completed the Oxford Seminars TESL course and am interested in the same location as you. All i have 2 say is that it was amazing and has opened many doors for me. It's very well recognized internationally and i have had numerous friends who have taken the course and have absolutely loved there experiences, so like i said, probably not the information u r looking for but if ur still looking up courses 2 take i highly recommend oxford seminars. good luck and have fun.
Hi Kate,

Is there any particular reason why you wish to get certified onsite? Have you considered training online? Quality online courses offer a great training opportunity at entry level. They can provide a thorough grounding in a new career and the right tools to approach a new profession within a manageable amount of time and finances. Training online will also give you the flexibility to work at your own pace and start right now from wherever you.

From our experience, online TESL/TEFL Certificates issued by reputable organizations are accepted in Argentina. In fact, more and more schools around the world recognize the value of online certificates issued by professional organizations and employers no longer discriminate between Certificates obtained through traditional institutes and those online. Just be careful who you choose as your course provider (and this applies whether they are online or not) and make sure what they offer is of good standard.

Good luck with your search!