Hi dear friends. I keep on sharing tests with you.
There is a quiz from book "English Advanced Vocabulary and structure practise"by Maciej Matacek. It's preparing for the ESOL Certificate in Advanced (CAE) (Cambridge University) . It implies an advanced level. I hope it would be useful. Have fun.

1. If you go on me like this, I will never be able to finish writing my report.
2. Turn off this machine, please. The harsh sound really me crazy.
3. Everyone knew that this task would require a considerable effort.
4. Mr.Tanner did his best to fix faulty oven, but his at repairing electrical devices wasn't good enough to succeed.
5. Jude did not for a second to agree to Mike's proposal as she had been in love with the boy for a long time.
6. Don't get so nervous about his coming late. When you get to know him better, you'll learn to take it .
7. The inconsiderate driver was for parking his vehicle in the wrong place.
8. The idea to a visit to local council residence was welcomed by all the visitors.
9.His of the safety regulations really can't beignored any longer.
10. Let's the place, it looks so gloomy and unpleasant.
11. What you are saying is quite , so give us, please, more details on the situation.
12.For a short while, I managed to catch of the President entering tha palace.
13. The suggestion to leave the camp was strongly by the climbers who were afraid of the approaching snowstorm.
14. The first thing for all of you to remember is that your duties may result in an instant dismissal.
15. It was the commision's job to decide whether the pilot was for the crash that occured right after the take-off.
16. None of us has ever of taking any rash steps against illegal broadcasting.
17. Several soldiers of the squad were taken by the enemy forces.
18. The student was of understanding the theory even after the professor's profound explanation.
19. I am going for a walk in the park. Would you like to me company?
20. Patrick is too a gambler to resist placing a bet on the final game.
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that was so easy..I scored 20 out of 20, lol.
Thanks for your test. I had funEmotion: smile
However, I found it a bit too easy for a CAE level.
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You're welcome. So,yes, I find it quite easy too. Let all try their hand. Emotion: wink
i got 12 of 20 still not bad. thanks for the quiz.
19 out of 20

From the look of it, this test contains some basic errors:

#4: ...fix the faulty oven...

#11: What you are saying isn't quite obvious , so give us, please, more details on the situation

Still, a cool test !
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it seems not so hard, but I could make it only 13 of 20
I was not impressed by this test , It is not proper English . It had many mistakes in the test . It can't be a test from the USA . It is very bad English . I don't believe I would try to learn from these test . This test is nothing but common street language and poor grammar . It is an insult to the English language. Thanks
16 out of 20. Thankfully my mistakes was because of unfimiliar words to me. But now I learnd four new words.

Thank you for the quiz and hope to see more.

Lazzy boy
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