Hi there. There is a quiz from book "Grammar and vocabulary for First Certificate", preparing for the ESOL First Certificate in English (FCE) (Cambridge University) . It's extracted from one module, devoted to Phrasal Verbs : take. It implies upper-intermediate level. I hope it would be useful.

1. We ought to get rid of this table, it takes far too much space.
2. If you're hot, you can take your jacket.
3. This meat can't be fresh, it smells awful - I'm taking it to the butcher.
4. John has always been difficult - he must take his dad.
5. You shouldn't take more responsobilities you can handle.
6. It must be difficult to give teaching in order to travel.
7. We'll need to take some temporary teachers for the summer.
8. She took her glasses when she had her photograph taken.
9. He was such a charmer - he took me completely.
10. Rachel took me to lunch.
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LBB, III (2 Feb. 2011)
I do not agree w/# 9 because in conversational English, one can use "back" also.
I have 9 correct answers
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oh no,i got only five correct.need to gear up
Emotion: phew 7 correct answers but i still need to study phrasal verbs
i got six correct answer...need to study more..
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I ve got 8 to 10 but it s written 7/10. I didn't get it.

It is very helpful quiz. Thank you.

Had 6/10..very bad

I think you are wrong about #7 and 9. Thanks!
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desk olive 60 I think you are wrong about #7 and 9. Thanks!

Are you talking about the answer key? If so, why do you think those two answers are wrong? They are the answers I would give.