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Good one...I got 6 of 6...Thanks for posting.
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Can you explain the difference between ''couldn't see'' with ''can't have seen'' ?
I missed question 3 and question 5 Emotion: sad
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I think the diff btw them is "couldn't see" means to confirm but "can't have seen" means may be not see Emotion: big smile
Lily_VnCan you explain the difference between ''couldn't see with can't have seen'' ?

Can't have seen her: this expresses deduction about a fact.
Luise was in Palma, so she was not in the library, so it was impossible for you to see her in the library = you can't have seen her.

Couldn't see her: it might work in other contexts, such as: She was very short, so I couldn't see her (= I was unable to see her) as she was surrounded by the crowd.
this test is very interesting and useful. Thank you so much.
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My result is 6 .

This test is kinda easy , but it's really nice . Thanks !
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