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andur92 Nice quiz. By the way, I think the correct answer to the third question is given wrong. Let me know if I am correct.
Hi Andur92,

I don't think so. What would you choose? Why do you think the answer marked as "correct" is wrong?
yah my score is 2 bocz i given the 1st time I'll try to next time.Emotion: dance
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Very good exercise. It would be great if you made some more.
Thanks for the test questions and answers.I do have a doubt in the third one that says that I can't have seen her at the library.Can you please elaborate a bit more about this verb.

I got 3 but it's ok. At least I learned something today Emotion: smile
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they ran away because they ..........afraid.

Anonymous they ran away because they ..........afraid.
No modal is needed here.
Emotion: sad i'm too weak in English Emotion: sad
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why i'm wrong in the third sentence, can you explain it to me
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