Choose the correct item.

1. 'I'm freezing.'
'You more warmly.'

2. 'Oh, this looks familiar.'
'I it to you before.'

3. Louisa is still in Palma, so you her at the library.

4. 'Whose are these keys?'
'Oh they are Mary's; she them.'

5. 'Do you think Sally will be offered a place at the University?'
'Definitely; in fact, she's very likely the scholarship.'

6. 'Kelly's late; that's not like her.'
'She might about your date.'

From: Evans, V. (2002) CPE Use of English 1 for the Revised Cambridge Proficiency Exam: Student's Book. Express Publishing.

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6 out of 6. Emotion: happy Thank you Tanit for posting that.
Ha ha! I got 2 mistake. The answer for #1couldn't possibly be "must have dressed"? Anyway, thanks for the post!
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You scored 6 out of 6
thanks for test, my score is 4
Thanks for posting. I hope, there are still more to come.
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In the first question the statement is, "I'm freezing."  It indicates nothing about how the other party is dressed or if the other party is cold, warm, or sizzling.  Is the answer portion of the question meant to have started with "I," rather than "You"? I should have, I needn't have... etc. etc.

It makes no sense to me, someone often colder than those around me, to assume my coldness means other people should dress more warmly.  Unless I am hoping that I can ask to wear discarded items of clothing (scarves and sweaters and such). 
Not trying to be jerky, honestly.  Just curious.  
Hi Linda,

I am not sure I understand your comment correctly. Would #1 make more sense to you if I made it more clear it's a dialogue? (Like #2, 4, 5 and 6).
Let's look at it this way:

Jane: 'I am freezing."
'You ____ more warmly."

Does this help?
i got 5/6
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