i am a teaching assistant in the usa .I have to pass the SPEAK teat to continue as TA. But i am always getting only 45 score Emotion: crying.I have to get 50 to passs the exam.Can anyone suggest me a site or book or an effective way to pass this test.

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I just received my score last Nov. 19 and I scored 50!!!Emotion: wink What a relief! I took the test twice. I did not buy any study materials on my first try because I was so confident (and proud) that my spoken English was good enough. I have worked in the USA and Canada for 4 years and I have not encountered any major complaints about my verbal communication skills.

Failing the TSE was a humbling and frustrating experience for me. Emotion: crying I have to eat my pride and buy study materials I swore I would never spend a cent on. However, I realized that I made a good buy because I learned techniques on how to pass the test.
You are lucky. They require 60 in my school and who knows when I'll be able to pass it that well. Is it even possibleEmotion: wink ?
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Yes, I took my exam last Oct. 16. I studied Dean Pappajohn's Towards Speaking Excellence, Jack Rose's books and CDs. I studied their techniques in answering questions. I also answered all past TSE exams and the TOEFL essay questions. In addition, I bought a voice recorder and recorded all my answers. After recording, I listened to the tape and picked out my mistakes. My BIG advice to you:practise, practise, practise. Good Luck!
Yes, I consider myself to be very lucky to pass this test. I am not much of a talker and I prefer written exams over oral ones. In fact, I got an almost perfect score in C-TOEFL (294)and TWE (5.5). My opinion is this:TSE is, first and foremost, a test of confidence and you can be more confident if you practise.

On my second attempt, my voice was still trembling but because I practised, I had more confidence.

If you are taking TSE for academic reasons, (for example, if you want to be a teacher or you want to pursue graduate studies), schools would normally require a grade of 60. I think getting a 60 is possible. Again, my BIG advice is: practise, practise, practise.
Ihave same situation. Ineed 50, but Ionly got 40. I am going to take TSE again this Jan. Do you find any good suggestion?[A]
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Hi everybody,

I need to get 50 on TSE ,too. Would you please tell me where I can get PAST TSE EXAMS???? and how to study for this test?

Thank you,

Good luck to all

Here is the answer you have been waiting for. Go to http://thetsebook.com / and you will surely find the materials that will help you pass the TSE exam. You gonna look for "2005 T.S.E. Study Guide".
I would be cautious of Dean Papa John's book. It was written years ago and not updated. The TSE has changed twice since it was written and will be changing again in September. It also uses some discredited methods. Practicing answers that are purchased in book or CD form is not the way to pass the TSE. Why? The answers they give you are the same ones everyone gets, and seconds the TSE is not about answers but ability to speak English.
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Familiarize yourself with the type of questions found in the TSE. Then find a language partner and practice like crazy! Emotion: smile
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